Cocktail Specials

Rudy tells how to
make one of the
Top 3 Margaritas
in So Cal

Courtesy of The World on Wheels

Happy Hour

Botanas • 13 tap beers
5 Plasma TVs

Free Appetizers

Mon thru Thur, 3-7 p.m.
(Except Holidays)


Cocktail Bar

We have a full service bar, featuring over 50 different tequilas.


Cool, refreshing Margaritas

Fruit • Regular • On the rocks


Coffee drinks and all your favorites

Wine – bottle, class or carafe (plus Sangria)


Cocktail Specials

Margarita Monday

These specials

4.00 each

Blue Margarita • Melon Margarita • Sandia Margarita (watermelon) • Piña Margarita (pineapple) • Amaretto Margarita

Martini Tuesday

These Martinis

4.25 each

Chocolate Martini • Apple Martini • Cosmopolitan Martini • Lemon Drop Martini • Spicy, Dirty Martini • Gin or Vodka with Vermouth

Tropical Wednesday

These Tropicales

4.50 each

Tequila Sunrise • Maitai • Sex on the Beach • L.A. Water • Hasta La Vista, Baby! • Harvey Wallbanger

Highball Thursday


3.95 each

Screwdriver • Greyhound • Cape Code • Rum & Coke • Gin or Vodka & Tonic • Madras (vodka, O.J. & cranberry)


Screwdriver or Greyhound made with freshly squeezed juice

4.50 each

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